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The Best Walking Shoes for Women – Ultimate Reviews and Buyers Guide

best walking shoes for women

If you are tired of spinning your wheels trying to find the best walking shoes for women, you have come to the right place.  After 20+ hours of research, we have come up with 8 of the absolute best womens walking shoes, which will make your purchasing decision easy.

Our in depth reviews include 3 pairs of walking shoes that we categorize as the best all around walking shoes for women.  Our reviews also include walking shoes for the following categories:

  • Best walking shoes for flat feet
  • Best walking shoes for high arches
  • Best waterproof walking shoes for women
  • Best walking sandals for women
  • Best walking shoes for hiking

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All of the walking shoes we review will also be an great choice for those who are on their feet all day long, such as nurses, teachers, and other professions that require a lot of standing.

Walking is one of the most common forms of exercise, whether it be nightly walks around your neighborhood, or morning walks on your home treadmill when its cold outside.

While a single walk might not seem to be too harsh on your feet and body, there is a lot going on that you do not realize.  Over time all of the movements, shock, and tiny vibrations from every single step can all add up and leave you with complications and pain throughout your body.  This is why getting a good pair of walking shoes which are meant for the motion of walking is so important.

Each strike you make on the ground and every push off has an impact on your body, whether you can feel or realize it or not.  Over time the vibrations and impacts of all these strikes and push offs add up, so you need to do your best to protect yourself from the wear and tear that walking can do to your body.

Before we get into the best walking shoe reviews, lets first talk a little about the importance of walking shoes.

Why it is Important to get a Pair of Shoes that is Made for Walking

A lot of people believe that lacing up any pair of athletic shoes and hitting the pavement is good enough for walking, as long as the shoes feel comfortable.  Well, if you are a serious walker, or someone who is on their feet walking around all day, this is simply just not true.

Walking shoes are engineered and made for the motion, impacts, and movements of walking.  Just like running shoes are different from walking shoes and are made for the act of running.

It is extremely important that you get a pair of shoes that is made for the activity you are doing.  Otherwise you are setting yourself up for injuries and complications, especially in the long run.

The bottom line:  If you are going to be walking, then you need to get a pair of shoes that is specifically made for walking.  It is not a good idea to walk every single day in a pair of shoes made for running, just like its not a good idea to go running on your treadmill every morning with a pair of walking shoes on.

Lets get into the best walking shoe reviews …

The 3 Best All Around Walking Shoes for Women

These 3 walking shoes are for walkers who are looking for an extremely high quality pair of walking shoes that provide great comfort, are packed with excellent technologies and features, and are going to last them a long time.

#1 Best All Around Walking Shoe for Women – Brooks Addiction Walker

 brooks addiction walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a classic and may just be the best walking shoe of all time, as you will see by the 900+ 5 star reviews at the link below.  While its style may not be anything out of this world, it makes up for it in all other areas.

This walking shoe comes in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide widths, making the Brooks Addiction Walker an excellent choice for feet of all shapes and sizes.

Once someone purchases a pair of these walking shoes, they often stick with this shoe every single time in comes time to purchase a new pair of walking shoes.  It is easy to say this pair of walking shoes is a huge favorite among serious walkers.

This womens walking shoe has a lot of arch support, does a great job at controlling overpronation, and has been praised by those with foot pain and bunions.

The Addiction Walker packs a lot under the hood, so lets take a look at some of its key features and what they will do for you.

HydroFlow Technology

HydroFlow technology is used to enhance the cushioning in the midsole.  In addition it also plays a key role in shock absorption with strike and push off with the use of “dynamic gooey fluid units” in the forefoot and heel areas.

What does this mean for you?  This means much less stress on your feet and ankles with every stride due to the shock absorption.

This is extremely important to prevent foot pain and injuries over time.  As we mentioned, all of the impact and tiny vibrations that shoot through your feet and up through you ankles and legs add up over time.  This dramatically lessens the stress of those impacts and vibrations on your feet, bones, and joints.

Full Length Innovative MoGo Midsole Compound

This feature adds superior cushioning and comfort to the midsole.  It is a soft but stable cushy feeling that provides great cushioning and stability to your midsole area.

This in addition to the HydroFlow Technology provide for a very cushioned and stable midsole.

Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

This feature helps progressive pronation control by a strategically placed dual density post located a the medial arch.  The medial arch runs along the inside of your foot.

This will keep your feet and ankles from rolling inward, preventing potential serious injury to your ankles and knees.

Engineered MC Pod Configuration

This feature provides excellent motion control throughout your entire gait.  This technology uses the midsole and outsole to set your feet in the proper position so that they are well balanced and in the correct position from strike to push off.

Imagine how many steps you take during a walk.  Imagine the damage your feet, ankles, knees etc would take on if your feet were not in the correct position and did not move in the proper manner every single stride.  Over time this would pile up, potentially causing severe issues throughout your body.

It is important that everything is lined up and in the correct position, and it all starts with your feet.  This feature ensures you are properly set up throughout the entire gait cycle for every stride you take.

Durable HPR Green Slip Resistant Outsole

The outsole is made of a durable HPR Green material, which is safe for the environment and provides an outsole that can take on the harshest conditions.  The slip resistant outsole helps prevent accidents and provides great traction on wet surfaces.

Having an outsole that is durable is important, unless of course you do not mind getting a new pair of shoes every 6 months.

Extra Comfy Textile Lining

This is a durable lining that provides an exceptional amount of comfort.  It also comes with a removable insert that is also packed with cushioning.  If you are someone who requires orthotic inserts, there is plenty of room to place them into these walking shoes.

Full Grain Leather Upper

This feature also adds comfort to the shoe and is very durable.  The full grain leather upper provides a nice snug and comfortable fit and will be sure to last you a long time.

It is important to have a durable upper in your walking shoes.  Often times a cheap upper will become cracked, thin, and eventually holes will begin to appear.  A high quality, durable upper can handle any condition and will provide the same snug and comfortable fit as it did when brand new.

Conclusion on the Brooks Addiction Walker Women’s Walking Shoe

With all of its top end features, you can see why the Brooks Addiction Walker has landed at the top of our best walking shoes for women list.  Every part of this walking shoe is very comfortable and durable, which means this walking shoe is going to last you for quite some time.

These are the perfect walking shoe for anyone who is a serious walker, for those who are on their feet all day long, and great for those with foot pain.

The Brooks Addiction Walker comes in white, black, and bone colors.  As we mentioned, the style is pretty plain, but if you can get past that, you will be the next to fall in love with these walking shoes.

#2 Best All Around Women’s Walking Shoe – New Balance WW847V2

 New Balance WW847V2

Successor to the popular WW847V1, the New Balance WW847V2 is a great upgrade.  New Balance is one of the best athletic shoe manufacturers in the world, and they did not disappoint with this very well made, high quality walking shoe.

This pair of walking shoes is more stylish than the previous pair we discussed, so if you are looking for a shoe with more style, then this is the pair for you.

While this pair of walking shoes packs a lot of great features, it still remains to be a pretty lightweight walking shoe, weighing in at just 10oz.  This walking shoes also comes in different widths including narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide, making it a comfortable walking shoe for all foot widths.

Lets look at some key features that make this one of the best pair of women’s walking shoes and how they will help you …

Lightning Dry Lining

This walking shoe comes with a special lining that keeps your feet nice and cool and dry.  In addition it prevents your feet from slipping, creating blisters.

This is a great feature for those hot summer walks, as the lining will feel like it is letting your feet breathe.

ABZORB Midsole Cushioning System

This feature provides excellent midsole cushioning and support.  This cushioning system also provides great compression set.  This means that the midsole support will remain excellent and not break down over time.

If a shoe has bad compression set, it will feel like there is no support in the arch area, which can lead to foot issues.

ROLLBAR Posting System

This feature supports and keeps the rear of your foot in the proper position throughout the gait.  As we mentioned above, having and keeping your feet in the proper position is very important in protecting yourself from potential injury to your feet, ankles, knees etc.

Highly Durable Ndurance Rubber

This is a proprietary rubber that is placed in different areas outside of the shoe that tend to take on a lot of wear.  This protects the shoes from becoming worn out with high usage.

This means that they shoes will last you a long time, which is great especially if you are someone who is hard on your walking shoes.

Ortholite Tongue, Collar, and Insole

The tongue, collar, and insole are made of a special lightweight material that provides great comfort and keeps your feet dry.  This combined with the lightning dry lining will keep your feet breathing, feeling fresh, and nice and dry even on the longest walks.

This also provides excellent comfort in the tongue, collar, and insole areas as well as keeps your feet from slipping around.

Phantom Liner Upper Technology

This upper has a seamless fit inside which means no edges or seams that will rub against different areas of your feet while walking.  This is a nice feature for those who have sensitive feet and easily get cuts, burns, or blisters while walking.

This seamless fit provides a nice snug and comfortable fit all around.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The outside of the upper is a lightweight breathable mesh, which adds even more breath-ability to your feet.  In addition this mesh upper provides for a nice snug, lightweight, and comfortable fit for your feet.

Removable Foam Insole

These walking shoes come with a very comfortable foam insole that can be removed if you require special insoles.  As we have mentioned, these shoes have received a ton of praise as being very comfortable, and the insoles add to that comfort.

Conclusion on the New Balance WW847V2

As you can see, this pair of walking shoes comes with a variety of great features for walkers, which is why it comes in at #2 on our list of best walking shoes for women.

This shoe has been highly praised as being very comfortable and also has been highly praised by those with foot issues.  This is a lightweight shoe that offers a ton of breath-ability for your feet, which is great for those who like to go on long walks or for those who are on their feet all day.

Many owners of the New Balance WW847V2 have said that their physical trainer had recommended these shoes to them due to their foot pain/issue.

These shoes come in white, black, and grey.

If you are on the market for a lightweight and very comfortable walking shoe that is a bit more stylish than the Brooks Addiction, then this is the pair for you.

#3 Best All Around Walking Shoe on the Market – Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

 Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

Asics is another superior manufacturer of athletic shoes, and the Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 is one of their best and most popular walking shoes.

These walking shoes have been praised for their cushioning and great flexibility due to the material they are made from.  They have also been praised for their arch support and by those who have plantar fasciitis.

As with the New Balance we discussed above, these walking shoes are also pretty lightweight, weighing in at 10oz.  They also provide great breath-ability due to the material they are made of and the features that are packed inside.

Here are some of the features that make the Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 a really good pair of walking shoes …

Biomorphic Fit Upper

This is a unique upper that moves with your feet in order to prevent rubbing and blisters.  The material is comfortable and is also very durable.  This means that your upper will not breakdown or buckle over time and create areas of friction.

The upper also contains breathable mesh with synthetic overlays which allows your feet to breathe nicely and stay cool.

Impact Guidance System

This feature enables and promotes natural foot motion from heel to toe with every stride.  This is a nice feature that promotes proper and natural foot movements which prevents you from injuries.

It also gives your feet a nice free motion feeling without feeling any restrictions on how your feet naturally move.

Trusstic System

This technology is in the midfoot area and brings together the heel and forefoot areas.  This gives your midfoot area great support as you transition into toe off.

This means that you will have a nice connected transition from heel to toe off with plenty of midsole support, which makes for comfortable and smooth movements.

Solyte Midsole

An extremely lightweight midsole material that provides a ton of cushioning and comfort.  It is also a very durable midsole, so it won’t wear down or stop providing you with comfort for a long time.

This midsole is lighter than Asics EVA and Speva midsoles, but performs better and is more responsive.

DuoMax Support System

This is a dual density midsole system that keeps your feet in the proper position from heel strike to toe off.  It also prevents overpronation, which is when your feet and ankles roll inward.  Overpronation can cause severe issues to your ankles and knees over time, so this is a great feature to have in your walking shoes.

This feature stabilizes and secures your feet so this does not happen.

Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System

This is a superior cushioning system.  In addition to the comfort to your heel and toe areas, it also reduces the shock from heel strike and toe off.  This feature also promotes a smooth transition through the gait cycle.

Fine Mesh Lining with Removable Sock Liner

This is a comfortable and lightweight lining that allows plenty of breath-ability for your feet.  It also keeps your feet cool and can be removed if your require orthotic insoles.

In addition to the other features, this also adds a nice feel and comfort to these shoes.

Asics High Abrasion Rubber Heel Plug

Extremely durable rubber that is strategically placed in areas of the shoe that are high wear areas.  This feature keeps your walking shoes from wearing down and becoming useless.  This is great for those who walk a lot or those who stand and walk around all day at their job.

Conclusion on the Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

This are another lightweight walking shoe that allows your feet to breathe nicely.  This womens walking shoe is extremely comfortable and will give you a nice smooth ride through the entire gait cycle.

As you can see this walking shoe is jam packed with useful features which make this one of the best walking shoes on the market.  If you are looking for a durable shoe with plenty of comfort and breath-ability, these might be the walking shoes for you.

Best Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Vionic Walker

 Vionic Walker

Those who have flat feet often need to purchase orthotics for their shoes due to lack of arch support.  That is not the case with the Vioic Walker.  This womens walking shoe has received a ton of praise for having excellent arch support and the built in arch support is loved by those with flat feet.

The reason good arch support is important for those with flat feet is because it prevents overpronation.  This is when your feet and ankles roll inward while walking.  This sets off a chain reaction up through your entire body and can cause pain and injury to multiple parts of your body.

When walking, it is important to have everything moving properly and in line.  This starts with your feet.  Your feet start the process and if they are moving in an incorrect manner everything else that follows will be out of whack.

The good news is that the Vionic Walker walking shoes are here to save the day.

Here are some of the features that make the Vionic Walker one of the best walking shoes for flat feet …

Advanced Motion System

This is made up of a podiatrist designed orthotic, a cushioned and very flexible outsole, as well as a lightweight breathable upper.

This system provides exceptional all around comfort as well as great stability.  It also provides a nice smooth ride throughout the entire gait.

Superior Built in Arch Support

Here are a few comments on the arch support from those who own these walking shoes

“Best arch support for a commercially available shoe I have seen.”

“Perfect solution for rolling arches and/or flat feet”

“These shoes have excellent arch support and are great at preventing overpronation”

As you can see, the built in arch support in the walking shoes are terrific.  If you have flat feet, you owe it to yourself to grab a pair of these and feel just how good they are for you flat feet.

Cushioned Collar and Tongue

This provides added comfort to the top portion of your feet.  This feature also provides a nice snug and customized fit.

Lightweight and Flexible Medium Density Molded EVA Midsole

This is a midsole with a .5” elevation which provides a natural and smooth transition from heel strike to toe off.  This midsole is also very good at absorbing shock and reducing impact.

Having a high quality midsole is very important in preventing foot injury and pain in the long run.

Verdict on the Vionic Walker

With its superior arch support and great all around comfort, the Vionic Walker is one of the best walking shoes for flat feet.  This walking shoe has received raving reviews from those with flat feet and has also eliminated the need for orthotics for many.

These shoes come in white/blue, black, taupe, and white/pink colors.

If you are a walker with flat feet or are someone who is on their feet a lot throughout the day, then the Vionic Walker is a walking shoe you should most definitely check out.

Best Walking Shoe for High Arches – Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2

 Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2

This is an excellent walking shoe for those with high arches and also has a very pocket friendly price tag.  Finding a good pair of walking shoes for high arches can be difficult.  Those with high arches tend to underpronate, which means your feet and ankles roll outwards when you walk, which can cause injury to your feet, ankles, knees, hips etc.

Having high arches also means that your feet do not absorb shock well.  This shock can also lead to foot, ankle, and leg injuries.

In order to fix this issue, those with high arches need to get a pair of shoes that has moderate arch support and does not have any type of stability features.  This will allow for a more natural pronation and will eliminate the outward rolling of your feet.

Most people think since they have high arches that they need to go with shoes that have excellent arch support.  This is not true, as this will further promote the overpronation and cause more issues.

Lets take a look at some of the features that make the Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2 one of the best walking shoes for high arches…

Compression Molded EVA Midsole

This is a midsole that is very durable and provides a comfortable and responsive cushioning.  This will help with shock absorption and is very lightweight.

As we mentioned above, shock absorption is important, because those with high arches do not get any help from their feet with shock absorption.

High Rebound Compound (HRC) Forefoot

This is a responsive rubber/EVA compound that is designed to provide cushion and comfort to the forefoot area.

This comfort comes in at the end of the gait cycle and provides a nice cushioned toe off.

Heel Progrid

This feature is obviously in the heel and is designed to protect against the impacts of heel strike.  This is going to provide you with shock absorption in the heel area.  This combined with the compression molded EVA midsole, provide a great shock absorption system through your entire foot.

Full Grain Leather Upper with Forefoot Stretch Zone

This shoe comes with a spacious forefoot area that provides a roomy forefoot fit that allows for a comfortable wear.  The full grain leather upper also provides added comfort and a nice fit.  The upper is high quality, durable, and can handle all the walking you want to throw at it.

Premium Sockliner

This is a comfortable sockliner made from premium material.  This sockliner offers a great feel and comfortable in step wear.  This is good at preventing rubbing and blisters for those with sensitive feet.

Cushioned Removable Insole with Moderate Arch Support

These walking shoes come with a comfortable insole that can be removed and replaced with orthotics if needed.  The insole has moderate arch support, which is great for those with high arches.

This is going to allow a comfortable and natural pronation motion every step of the way.  This means no more outward rolling of your feet, which in return prevents potential injury.

Walk Trac Technology

This feature is designed to promote a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off.  This again promotes a more natural pronation and prevents your feet from rolling outward.

XT-900 Rubber

This is a highly durable rubber that is placed on the outside of the shoe in high wear areas.  This will keep your shoes from wearing out fast.  This also provides a nice grip, if you find yourself walking in the middle of a downpour.

Conclusion on the Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 

As we mentioned above, those with high arches need to find something with moderate arch support and no stability controlling features.  This walking shoe provides that plus more, landing it at the top of our list as best walking shoe for women with high arches.

This is a very feature rich walking shoe for its price tag.  It will prevent those with high arches from underpronating, and at the same time will provide plenty of shock absorption.  Both of those combined, dramatically lower your risk of pain or injury due to your high arches.

These shoes come in black/grey, white/silver, and stone colors and weigh 10oz.

These walking shoes have received over 1,000 raving reviews, and have received great praise from those with high arches.

Best Waterproof Walking Shoe – Keen Terradora Waterproof

 Keen Terradora Waterproof

It can be hard to find a good waterproof walking shoe that REALLY keeps your feet dry.  So many shoes out there claim to be waterproof and say they will keep your feet dry.  However, as soon as you get them out in the rain, you end up coming home with soaking wet feet.

Don’t worry, we have done the work for you and have come up with one of the best waterproof walking shoes on the market.

Most waterproof shoes are heavy, bulky, clunky, and just awkward looking.  On top of that, they usually offer zero breath-ability and have your feet feeling extremely hot and sweaty.

Introducing the Keen Terradora Waterproof … This shoe will not only keep your feet nice and dry, but it is also breathable and lightweight, weighing just 11oz.  This is hard to find in a fully waterproof shoe, but Keen has done a great job.

Here are some of the key features that make the Keen Terradora Waterproof one of the best waterproof walking shoes out there …


This is a proprietary technology which is a textile membrane that is waterproof and breathable.  This is the magical feature that keeps your feet dry, while at the same time allows them to breath.

This is an amazing feature to have in a waterproof walking shoe.  Anytime you can keep your feet completely dry and have them nice and cool at the same time, you know you have found a great waterproof shoe.

Cleansport NXT Technology

This technology uses pro biotic technology to combat against odor, keeping your shoes and feet nice and fresh.

This technology uses live beneficial microbes to bond to fibers, and what you get is a natural and non-toxic odor controlling technology.

Dual Density PU Foot Bed

This is a lightweight foot bed that is very durable.  This feature not only provides great comfort to your underfoot, but also provides nice support.

This dual density foot bed has many benefits.  One major benefit is that they are climate controlling.  In cold weather, it will keep your feet nice and warm.  When it is hot, it will keep your feet nice and cool by allowing air to circulate under your feet.  This dual density PU foot bed is also very durable, antistatic, and comfortable.

ESS Stability Shank

This feature provides great support and stability throughout the entire foot.  This allows for proper pronation and protects against injuries.

This creates a smooth transition and ride through the entire gait,

Lightweight Breathable Upper

The upper is made of breathable mesh with synthetic overlays and is very lightweight.  This is not common to find in a waterproof walking shoe, but is an excellent feature to have.

This upper allows for a comfortable fit and feel.  Most waterproof shoes have a rubber or goretex upper that is stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable.

This upper allows the shoes to pretty much feel like regular walking shoes, while still being waterproof.

Rubber Outsole with Multidirectional Lugs

This is a non marking rubber outsole that comes with 4mm multidirectional lugs, which creates a ton of traction.  This is important in waterproof shoes.  If you are going to be walking or out in the rain, you need a shoe that has excellent traction.

This will prevent slips as well as potential injuries.

Verdict on the Keen Terradora Waterproof

This is a unique shoe due to the fact that it is waterproof and keeps your feet dry, but also is very breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.  This combined with its other great features has landed the Keen Terradora as #1 on our list as best waterproof walking shoe.

These come in 7 different color combinations, so there is sure to be a color/style for everyone.  Check the colors out at the link below.

Most waterproof shoes will have your feet feeling very hot.  If you are looking for a shoe that will truly keep your feet dry as well as keep them nice and cool on those hot summer days, then this waterproof shoe is for you.

Best Walking Shoe for Hiking – Keen Voyageur

 Keen Voyageur

When it comes to hiking, you want to make sure you get a pair of shoes that has excellent traction and is very durable.  Due to the nature of hiking and the rough terrain, a normal pair of walking shoes will not too long.

The Keen Voyageur is a well built hiking shoe that will be able to handle any condition you throw at it.  The nice thing is that this shoe is not only built to handle the toughest conditions, but it is also very lightweight for a hiking shoe, weighing 13oz.

Here are some of the features that make the Keen Voyageur one of the best walking shoes for hiking …

High Quality and Durable Leather Upper with Mesh Underlay

This durable upper allows these shoes to face even the toughest conditions with no issues.  The mesh underlay allows for some breath-ability, keeping your feet cool on those long hikes.

This upper provides the best of both worlds, extreme durability as well as decent breath-ability.

Dual Density EVA Midsole

This is a compression molded midsole made of EVA and is lightweight.  The midsole provides a nice even balance as well as foot stability.  With the different terrain you come across while hiking, having a good midsole is important.

ESS Shank

This is a great feature for a hiking shoe.  This feature provides torsion stability.  This means it keeps the shoe from twisting and turning while walking over rocks or other objects in your path.

This protects your feet and ankles and what you are left with is a nice smooth ride on any type of terrain.

S3 (SSS) Heel Support

This is another superb feature to have in a hiking shoe.  The three S’s stand for shock, stability, and  suspension.  This is a structure at the heel and it absorbs heel strike while at the same time keeps your heel in a very secure and stable position.

This feature prevents rolled or sprained ankles while you are hiking on that rocky terrain.

Patented Toe Protector

The toe of the shoe is covered with Keen’s patented to protector, which is protects the leather of the shoe as well as your toes.  Kind of like a steeled toe, but made of a patented hard rubber material.

This is a good feature to have especially if there are a lot of rocks, roots, or other objects in your path.

Metatomical Footbed

This is a removable foot bed that is metatomically shaped to each foot (right and left).  This foot bed is shaped to the curves, contours, and arches of your feet.  This foot bed provides excellent comfort, and can be removed if you require orthotics.

Carbon Rubber Outsole with 4mm Multidirectional Lugs

This is a durable outsole that is non marking, which means it will not leave marks on your floors.  This outsole also comes with 4mm multi-directional lugs that provide excellent traction and grip on even the toughest terrains out there.

It is essential to have a great outsole on your hiking shoes.  Not only do you need an outsole that provides great traction, but you also need one that is very durable so that the lugs do not easily wear down, resulting in loss of traction.

Conclusion on the Keen Voyager

Its excellent durability, stability, and great outsole have landed the Keen Voyager on our list as the best hiking shoe for women on the market today.  With over 350 five star reviews, this is an extremely popular hiking shoe among hikers.

These hiking shoes come in 3 color combos which include neutral gray/lime green, brindle/alaskan blue, and raven/rose dawn.

If you want a hiking shoe that is very durable, but at the same time is breathable and will keep your feet nice and cool, then this hiking shoe is for you.  It is also very lightweight, which is great for those long hikes.


Best Walking Sandal for Women – ECCO Sport Yucatan Sandal

 ECCO Sport Yucatan

When it comes to sport/walking sandals, ECCO is top of the line. Their Sport Yucatan sandal, might just be one of the best walking sandals to ever hit the market.

These walking sandals have received tons of praise from those who walk a lot, from those who are on their feet all day long, and from those who have serious foot pain/issues.  The level of comfort these sandals provide is excellent and cannot be found in too many other sandals out there.

Not only are they extremely comfortable, they are also very stylish.

In addition to being stylish, they also have very comfortable straps, are great at absorbing shock, and have excellent arch support.

Lets talk about some of the main features that make the ECCO Sport Yucatan one of the best walking sandals on the market…

Nubuck Leather Upper with Stretch Fit Lining

This is a stylish looking upper that is also very durable.  On the underside is a comfortable stretch fit lining that fits snug around your foot.  This lining prevents your feet from any rubbing throughout the entire sandal.

This lining is also well made and durable.

Dual Density CMEVA Footbed Treated with Agion

This is a compression molded EVA footbed that provides great comfort for all day wear.  The footbed is also Agion treated, which means bacterial growth is inhibited.  This controls odor as well as provides an overall healthier environment for your feet.

Arch Support Cushioning

This feature adds comfort and good support for the arches of your feet.  It is good to have some arch support in your walking sandals, as most sandals have no arch support.  This helps absorb shock as well as prevent injuries that can happen to the arches of your feet when no support is present.

This gives the sandal more of a shoe fit feel.

Triple Hook and Loop Straps

The straps have been strategically placed in order to provide the most comfortable fit.  There are 3 straps, which are easy to adjust and stay in place very well.  One strap at your toes, one at the front of your ankle, and one at the back where you Achilles tendon is.

All three straps have the comfortable stretch fit lining that we spoke about above on the inner side.  This makes the straps very comfortable and prevents any rubbing across all 3 straps.

Direct Injected PU Midsole

This midsole comes with full length receptor technology, which absorbs shock across the entire length of the sandal.  This is an amazing feature to have in a walking sandal.  Shock absorption is important to preventing foot, tendon, muscle, and bone injury over time.

The tiny vibrations caused by heel impact and toe off can cause issues in the long run.  This is why having a shock absorption system in your walking sandal is so important.

High Quality and Flexible Rubber Outsole

The outsole is nice and flexible, allowing your feet to work freely without feeling like the bottom of the sandal is just a stiff piece of rubber.  This outsole is also durable and provides good traction.

Verdict on the ECCO Sport Yucatan Walking Sandals

As you can see, these sandals come with a lot of features that are rare to find in a pair of sandals.  This is why the Sport Yucatan has landed at #1 as the best walking sandal on the market right now.

These walking sandals have received over 675 five star reviews over at Zappos (see link below).  They are loved by serious walkers, loved by those who just want a comfortable sandal to wear all day during the summer months, and loved by those who suffer from serious foot issues and pain.

If you want a truly comfortable walking sandal that is durable, has good support, is great at absorbing shock, and is very stylish, then these are the sandals for you.

These walking sandals come in 9 different color combinations, so you are sure to find a pair that catches your eye.


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brooks addiction walker, new balance ww847v2, asics gel tech walker neo 4, vionic walker, Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2, Keen Terradora, keen voyageur, ECCO Sport Yucatan
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