The Best Treadmills for Home in 2019 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best readmill for home

UPDATED: July 26, 2019

If you have been spinning your wheels, steering your way through Google, trying to figure out and find the best treadmill for your home, then we are glad you have put the brakes on and made a stop here.

We understand buying a treadmill is a large purchase, and that right now you might be a little confused as to which treadmill out of the thousands you should get. Who wouldn’t be confused with all the options available?

But don’t worry, we got you covered. We have put together the ultimate treadmill buying guide in which you are about to read.

By the end of this guide we are going to make sure you are completely educated, so that you can come to a buying decision that you are totally comfortable with. That’s our goal here at home gym heaven and that is what we take pride in.

In a rush?  Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the best home treadmills.  We will go into much further detail below in the full reviews…

Sole F85 Home Treadmill – This is our pick for best all around home treadmill.  This is a good option for walkers and runners alike. This is a luxury for walkers and can handle any running routine you throw at it.  The Sole F85 is a high quality, commercial like treadmill for your home that costs a fraction of the cost.

It comes with tons of high end options such as a large 9″ display, high end rollers, an easy to use message center packed with workout routines, a powerful 4.0 HP motor, an excellent cushioning/shock absorption system, and much much more.  The Sole F85 comes with a large walking/running surface that is 22″ wide by 60″ long and is an excellent choice for those who are tall or overweight.  Learn more about the Sole F85 and get free shipping at Amazon.

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill –  Our pick for best home treadmill for walkers.  We also recommend this treadmill for those that will be running 50% of the time or less.  This is going to be a complete dream and luxury for walkers.  The Proform Pro 2000 is a high quality treadmill that comes with a 3.5 CHP motor, a 7″ display, ifit compatible, built in speakers, proshox cushioning system, 32 built in workout programs, and much more.

The large walking surface is 20″ wide by 60″ long and will provide a spacious area to walk without being cramped.  It also comes with quick controls for speed and incline.  The treadmill also comes with Proforms space saver fold away design for storage after you are done working out.  Check out the Proform Pro 200 at Amazon and get free shipping.

3G Cardio Elite Runner – This is our pick for best home treadmill for runners.  If you are going to be running 75% of the time or more, then you will greatly appreciate this machine.  This is as close to commercial grade that you will find in a home treadmill.  This is a top of the line running treadmill that is built extremely well using the high quality parts.

The Cardio Elite comes packed with tons of high end features such as a commercial ortho flex shock absorption suspension system, a large 22″ x 62″ oversized running surface, an orthopedic cushion belt, a high power 4.0 HP motor that is great for interval training, an easy to use display with 8 workout programs and a heart rate monitor, and much more.

This treadmill is a little higher priced, but there is a reason for that.  Read some of the raving reviews and get free shipping on the 3g Cardio Elite Runner at Amazon.

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill – This is our pick for best budget treadmill for home.  If you have a smaller budget, but still want a decent quality treadmill, then this is your choice.  More than often treadmills in this price range are poorly built, do not last long, and end of being a complete waste of money.

However, the Horizon T101-04 is in a league of its own when it comes to budget treadmills.  It still comes with some of the high end features such as a powerful 2.25 CHP motor that can go from 0-10mph, a decent deck cushioning system, a display area with 30 different workout programs, a heart rate monitor, built in fan, built in speakers and MP3 hook up and much more.

This treadmill also comes with a featherlight folding system that uses hydraulic shocks to fold and unfold the deck automatically for you.  Learn more about this treadmill and get free shipping at Amazon.

Click a topic below to skip to your most pressing questions, or continue to read the entire guide to get the best grasp on which treadmill you need.

The first thing we are going to do is go over a check list of considerations that you need to think about before making your purchase. This is important because you might not need the most expensive, latest and greatest treadmill with every feature in the book for your desired needs.

If you will be strictly walking, then you do not need to get a treadmill made for marathon runners, you get the point?

We will look at factors like weight restrictions, type of cardio, speed and incline adjust-ability, amount of space you have for your treadmill, your budget size, and must have features such as incline, shock absorption, a display and much more.

After that, we will recommend some of the top rated home treadmills for each category you are going to learn about. These categories include best overall treadmill for home, best treadmill for running, best treadmill for walking, best space saver treadmill, and best budget treadmill.

Lets take a look at some of the most important considerations.

How to Choose Which Home Treadmill you Should Buy – Narrowing your Options

I am sure by now, you know that it is almost impossible to know which treadmill you should buy.

This first step is going to help you zero in on what exactly you need from your treadmill, which is going to make your purchase much easier.

Consideration #1: What Type of Cardio will you be using the Treadmill for?

walking or running

This is the first question you need to answer.

This affects everything from motor size, to deck size and thickness, to roller size, to shock absorption and more.

If you are going to be strictly using your in home treadmill for walking, then there is no need to waste the extra money on a machine that has an extremely powerful motor with a top speed of 15mph, has a thick deck, and extra large rollers built specifically for running.

On the other hand, if you are going to be mainly running on your treadmill, then you need to look for a treadmill that is built for running and is able to handle a tougher workout without running the motor into the ground.

If you are going to be doing a mixture of running and walking, then it will always be a good idea to lean towards the better built machine that is geared a little more towards running.

The last thing you want to do is overwork a treadmill by putting it through a long running routine when the treadmill really isn’t built to withstand that kind of workout. This will ensure your machine gets worn down fast and does not last as long as you would like.

Below in the home treadmill reviews section, we will discuss some of the most important features to look for in a walking treadmill as well as a running treadmill, so that you are completely confident you are getting the correct machine.

The bottom line:

Match your cardio routine with the treadmill you get. By doing this, you are going to ensure you get a machine that can handle the type of routines you will be doing and it will also prevent you from overspending and getting a treadmill that is complete overkill for what you need.

If you are just walking, then the best value for your money (a pretty big savings) is a treadmill like the Proform Pro 2000. If you are going to be running, then look for something with a bigger motor, bigger deck, and a machine that is up to the challenge such as the 3G Cardio Elite Runner.  Read our in depth reviews on these treadmills in the review section below.

Consideration #2: How Tall you are and How Much you Weigh

You cannot buy a good treadmill for home without taking this into consideration.  No one wants to spend all that money on a treadmill and be all cramped up with no space to exercise.

Treadmills have weight restrictions and if they are not followed, then you are asking to wear out the deck, motor, and belt on your treadmill in a very short amount of time.

Not to mention, there are also potential injury hazards if these restrictions are not followed, and we don’t want that.

We don’t think anyone wants to be running on a treadmill at 10mph and have the deck snap on them, followed by the belt tossing them off the machine. That doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

Also, it is important to point out that if you are a little overweight, you might want to get a treadmill that has a little bit of a wider belt. Most belts are 16” to 22”, with 18” and 20” being the average for those who just walking. If you are a bit overweight you might want to consider getting a treadmill that comes with a 20” or 22” belt on it.

Be sure to check on any weight restrictions. You will find that the better built, more durable treadmills have higher weight restrictions, but that also means the price tag will be a little more, although this has gotten better over the years.

As for your height, this should be paid attention to more if you are taller. For example, if you are tall, as in over 6′, then you are going to want to go with something that has a longer deck and belt.

As we mentioned above, different treadmills have different sized decks and belts. A tall person will want to go with something that has deck/belt size of 60” long.

The bottom line:

Match your height and weight to the treadmill you buy. If you are overweight, look for a better built machine that has a higher weight limit along with a wider belt of 20-22”. If you are tall, look for a longer deck and belt that is at least 60”, like the one that comes on the Sole F85 treadmill.

Consideration #3: How Much Space do you Have for Your Home Treadmill?

If you have all the space in the world, then you have nothing to worry about here, you can keep reading on.

However, some people have space restrictions, which affects how large their treadmill can be, and whether or not it can be stationary.

Also, some people do not like their treadmill sitting out all of the time, for example if they use it in back room or the living room, so a stationary treadmill is out of the question.

In these cases, you will want to look for a space saving, folding treadmill. Folding treadmills have gotten a bad rap over the years for having flimsy decks, being loud, bouncy, unreliable, heavy and hard to fold up and put away etc. Perhaps you have had one of these in the past and know exactly what we are talking about here.

There are still some out there that are like that, but there have been a lot of improvements the past few years in stability and shock absorption features. You just have to be careful when purchasing a folding treadmill and be sure to read some of the customer reviews. We will share a great choice in the review section below.

When it comes to folding treadmills, you get what you pay for …

A folding treadmill is just that. It is a treadmill that when you are done using it, you can fold the deck up and wheel it to a storage place after you are done using it. Folding treadmills used to be far less superior than stationary ones, but they are rapidly catching up as the years pass. Often times with really well built folding treadmills, you cannot even tell the difference.

The bottom line:

If you are short on space, look at getting a folding treadmill. However, make sure you get a high quality one, like the Lifespan TR4000i folding treadmill, as the cheaper ones tend to be flimsy and not very sturdy. If you are going to run a lot, consider a very high quality folding machine, or find space for a stationary treadmill.

Consideration #4: What is your Budget?

what is your budget

Treadmills for home use vary greatly in price. Some cost as much as 5 or 6 thousand dollars, while others are as low as a few hundred dollars.

It is our recommendation that when making a big purchase like a treadmill, is that you go towards the high end of your budget.

In most cases, when it comes to treadmills, its true, you get what you pay for.

We believe it makes sense to spend the extra money up front and get a machine that lasts for 15 years, rather than skimp out and get one that lasts 2 or 3 years.

Lets look at some math, because we hear it all of the time. I wish I would have spent the extra money up front.

Treadmill 1 costs $2,000 and lasts for 14 years.

Treadmill 2 costs $500 and lasts for 2 years.

You would need to buy 7 of treadmill #2 in 14 years for a total of $3,500, which ends up being $1,500 more than if you would have gotten the better quality treadmill to begin with.

We understand better than anyone, that the low price tags on some of the treadmills out there are eye grabbing and enticing, but we encourage you to do your homework first.

In some cases, you might only have a small budget and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, and we understand that as well. So buying the cheapest one you can find makes sense here, and maybe in a year or two you will be in a better position to buy a more expensive treadmill.

If it means not paying a months worth of bills, or not putting food on the table, then definitely go with the cheaper treadmill, we want you to spend what you are comfortable with.

You can also factor this into how much you will be using your home treadmill. If you are only going to use it once in awhile, then you can probably get by with a cheaper model. No need to buy a Cadillac if you are only going to drive it once a year.

The bottom line:

Lean toward the higher end of your budget when purchasing a treadmill.  It will pay off in the long run. If you are really strapped for cash, go with the cheaper but quality model such as the Horizon Fitness T101-04, and look to get a higher priced machine down the line in the future.  Learn more about the Horizon T101-04 in the detailed review below.

Consideration #5: What are your Must Have Features for your Home Treadmill?

Today’s treadmills are much more than just a piece of equipment you walk or run on.

Home treadmills have come a long way, and many of them are packed with features that dramatically enhance the users experience.

Here are some features for you to consider when purchasing a treadmill for your home.

Incline –

Do you want a treadmill that inclines? Most of the best treadmills for home use these days come with an incline feature that has several different incline positions that range from -3% to 15%.

However if you are looking for a very steep incline, be sure to check out the information on this feature and see if the model you are considering has a steep enough incline.

As you probably know, the amount of calories you burn drastically increases when you are on an incline, so it is always a good idea to incorporate hills into your walking or running routine.

Having a treadmill where you can imitate that is going to be beneficial to the amount of calories you can burn in a single session.

Another incline feature you might like is auto incline and decline.  This is when you choose a workout program or a route to walk or run on and your treadmill will automatically incline and decline on its own throughout the workout.

Motor Power and Speed –

This will come down to how much running you plan on doing and what type of running. For example, someone who will be primarily walking on their treadmill will be able to purchase one that has a smaller/less powerful motor.

If you are someone who will do a lot of long distance running on your treadmill, you will need something with a little more power. If you are someone who will be doing some fast interval training, including sprints at a fast pace, the you will also need a treadmill with a lot of power and a higher top end speed as well as a motor that responds to speed changes very fast.

If you will be running 50% or more of the time, then you will always benefit from a better built machine which usually always have a better motor cooling system. This means you will be able to get the most out of your motor and the motor will last you much longer as opposed to a cheaper inferior built treadmill.

Having a poor cooling system on your motor will ensure its performance is not optimal and will dramatically cut the motors life short.

A Display Screen –

Do you want your machine to have a screen on it? In most cases, we would recommend getting something with a screen, as they can provide a ton of value to your exercise and goal reaching.

For example, you can get home treadmills that show your speed, calories, heart rate, incline, timers, pre-programmed courses and workout programs, and much more. Most of this can be helpful when setting goals, and can even add motivation to your treadmill routines.

Shock Absorption System –

The shock absorption system is very important, and is what makes a treadmill feel sturdy and well built underneath your feet. Get a treadmill with a poor absorption system and you will know it.

It will feel flimsy, bouncy, and cheaply built. Someone who will be running a decent amount will want to get a treadmill that has a great shock absorption system made for running. Someone who is overweight will also want to look for a solid shock absorption system.

We really do not recommend getting a treadmill without good shock absorption unless money is very tight and your budget is low.

Extra Bells and Whistles –

Looking for your treadmill to be more than just a workout machine? You might want to consider getting one that has some extras such as, built in cooling fans, bottle and cup holders, music and speaker systems, web enabled touchscreens, ability to sync you workout info to an app, music, usb ports, and much more.

These are some features that will enhance and improve your treadmill exercising experience, but are not essential.

The bottom line:

Treadmills come with a variety of features. Some cheaper models come with the bare essentials, while some of the best in home treadmills come with everything you could imagine. Select which features are important to you, and factor this into your buying decision.

Where Should you Buy your Home Treadmill?

We highly recommend that you purchase your treadmill online for several reasons.

The first and most important reason is cheaper prices.

Most of the time the prices you find online are much cheaper than the MSRP you will find in a brick and mortar store, sometimes up to 50% cheaper.

cheaper prices

Another great reason to make your purchase online is because you can read through many reviews from people who are and have already used the treadmill, sometimes for months.  Often times people will even come back and give an update to their review after 6 months or a year etc.

You can get a ton of valuable information from these reviews that you simply just cannot possibly get from the manufacturers site or in a store.

Finally, the last major reason is free shipping!  Treadmills are often heavy, so being able to get yours delivered right to your front door for no additional cost is awesome and a heck of a lot less work for you.

Simply click order and wait for it to arrive.

Ok, now that we have educated you on the most important factors to consider when getting a treadmill, lets talk about some of the top home treadmills out there for a few different categories.

The Best All Around Treadmill for your Home – The Sole F85 Home Treadmill

sole f85 treadmill

The Sole F85 is the most popular treadmill in the Sole family and for good reasons. Sole is one of the best manufacturers of quality treadmills on the market today. The frame of this treadmill is constructed from welded steel, meaning its build feels very solid and is commercial grade. There is no bolted together frame that can feel shaky.

Lets take a look at some key features of the Sole F85 treadmill.

4.0 HP High Power Motor

The motor on this treadmill is top notch and can handle any type of workout from walking to long periods of running. It comes with a 4.0 horsepower high torque motor with flywheels.

The motor itself is one of the best built and heaviest duty motors on the market. The flywheels were added to eliminate any vibrations while on your treadmill, so you can enjoy a nice smooth ride.

They were also added to enable the motor to run at a cooler temperature, which will dramatically extend the life of the motor on this machine.

This treadmill can go from speeds of .5mph to 12mph and has an incline range of 0% to 15%.

Large LCD Display Screen

The LCD display on the Sole F85 is 9” and shares a lot of valuable information. You will now be able to keep track of things like your speed, the amount of calories you are burning, your heart rate, and more.

High End Rollers

The rollers on this treadmill are the best out there. These high end rollers are 2.75” and are often only found on treadmills that cost 5k or more. Having these large 2.75” rollers means that the belt life as well as the roller life will be much longer than a machine with smaller rollers. This will save you from having to replace your rollers and belts frequently, as well as prolong the life of your motor.

Message Center

sole f85 display

The F85 comes with an integrated message board that relays to you all the details of your entire workout. The details are sent via scrolling messages. At the end of your workout you can get a full recap of the entire workout so that you can keep notes and track your progress from workout to workout.

The message center also will take you step by step to set up multiple user profiles, so that if multiple people use the machine, they can just select their profile and track their progress right there in their own profile.

You can also choose from pre set workouts or create your own custom workout programs.

Large Running and Walking Surface

This treadmill has a very large surface to exercise on. The dimensions are 22” wide and 60” long. This means that you have more than enough room and do not need to worry about feeling cramped with rails in your way or worry about your feet landing off of the belt.

A surface of this size can accommodate anyone and any type of exercise, whether it be walking or a 6′ 3” person with a long stride running on it. The large surface is also great for accommodating those who are overweight.

The belt itself is a heavy duty 2 ply belt that is sure to last for a very long time.

Soles Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

This feature absorbs shock and reduces every impact by 40%. This means that you will feel like you have a well built machine under your feet and your entire workout will be a comfortable experience.

You will not feel any bounce as is often felt while on a cheaper, poorly built treadmill.

Folding Deck and Unique Easy Assist Technology

sole f85 folded up

Sole has one of the easiest and best folding treadmill systems out there. Their system makes folding your treadmill and storing it away a breeze. Once you fold the deck up, it is locked into place and ready to store.

And don’t worry, the lock system is pretty strong, you should not need to worry about small children being able to unlock and release the deck.

When you are ready to use the machine again you simply release the lock on the deck, and the deck will automatically lower itself to the ground and you are ready to begin your workout.

Here are a few other features worth mentioning:

  • Quick and easy to use hand controls so that you can quickly control speed and incline.
  • Built in cooling fans.
  • A sound system that is MP3 compatible.
  • Pre-programmed workouts as well as heart monitoring programs.
  • This treadmill also comes with cup holders and plenty of storage compartments for devices like your phone.
  • 0%-15% incline that can be set to auto incline during your exercise.

Who Should Buy the Sole F85 Treadmill

We feel this is one of the highest quality and most versatile treadmills on the market. This is going to be a great option for so many people, that it makes it hard to really narrow it down.

This machine is definitely for those who are looking for something that will last them a while. It is also a great choice for someone who will be doing a combination of walking and running on their treadmill, because you basically have it all with this machine.

It is an excellent option for those who are overweight and those who are taller, because the large surface will allow more room and be able to accommodate a wider body as well as a longer stride.

It is a great treadmill for those who want all the bells and whistles, but do not want to pay 3k or more for them.

While it might not be the smallest treadmill when folded up, it is a good option for someone looking to a treadmill that folds so they can easily store it away.

Who Should Not Buy This Treadmill

Although this is one of the best out there, it might be a little too much for someone who just wants to walk on their machine (keep reading for the best treadmill for walkers). We just feel that it might be a little overkill for someone who just wants to walk.

This also might not be the best purchase for someone who has severely limited space to store their treadmill.

While the price for what you get on this treadmill is outstanding, someone who is on a tighter budget might want to go for something that is a little less expensive and not as feature rich as the F85.

The Verdict

From its heavy duty build to its long list of features, the Sole F85 definitely lives up to the hype. It is one of the smoothest at home treadmills you can get and it is packed full of awesome features that are often only found on treadmills twice its cost.

This machine is going to be one of the best workout equipment investments you can make, and with its generous warranties, you can be sure you will have this machine for a long time.

This treadmill can simply do it all and has our vote for best all around treadmill for your home.

Here are the warranties the Sole F85 treadmill comes with

Frame – lifetime

Motor – lifetime

Deck – lifetime

Electronics – 5 years

Labor – 2 years

All warranty service is performed in your home.

Here are the complete specs for the Sole F85 home treadmill

sole f85 specs

Here are a few comments from those who own the Sole F85 home treadmill…

sole f85 reviews

Click Here to Check Out Some Awesome Reviews on the Sole F85 and Get Free Shipping From Amazon

The Best Home Treadmill for Runners – 3G Cardio Elite Runner

3g cardio elite runner treadmill

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner home treadmill takes the top spot in this category. This machine is a commercial grade treadmill without the commercial grade price tag. The 3G Cardip Elite can handle any amount of running you throw at it.

In fact many runners do not understand how 3G can sell such a well built machine for the price they do, when others that compare to it are at minimum $5k.

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner can easily handle everything from short sprints, to medium length jogs, to even the longest runs that a marathon runner might do. You can be assured the ride will be smooth, comfortable, and luxurious feeling the entire way. Many runners say that this machine feels much better than the treadmills they use at the gym.

Lets jump into some of the key features that makes the 3G Cardio Elite the best treadmill for home in the running category.

Upgraded Commercial Ortho Flex Shock Suspension

The shock absorption system on this treadmill is very well built and is fantastic at doing what it is supposed to do. One of the most common compliments about this treadmill is that runners cannot believe how smooth, sturdy, and vibration free the machine is when running on it.

I am sure you have at some point ran on a treadmill that feels shaky and vibrates a lot under your feet. You will have none of that with the 3G Cardio Elite Runner.

Oversized Running Surface

This home treadmill comes with an oversized running surface that is 22” wide by 62” long, which is fantastic for runners. This means that the 3G can easily accommodate any size runner. If you are overweight, you have nothing to worry about. If you are very tall, you have nothing to worry about.

The running surface will provide you with a very spacious area to run on without feeling cramped or too close to the rails or display.

This oversized surface is a dream for all runners.

Orthopedic Cushion Belt

3g cardio elite belt

This is one of the most popular features among runners. The belt on this treadmill is extra thick and does a great job of eliminating any foot strike vibrations, providing you with a very soft and smooth ride, while feeling very stable and sturdy.

The orthopedic belt is also great for those who have bad ankles, bad knees, and bad backs. The belt will help alleviate some of the pain throughout your whole workout.

4.0 Horsepower Motor (386lbs of torque)

The motor on this treadmill is very powerful and has a top end speed of 12mph. Along with the powerful motor, the rollers are 3”, which means a much longer life for the rollers as well as the motor.

The motor also has a quick acceleration rate and can go an extra 1mph in 1.5 seconds, making this motor great for interval training.

8 Built in Programs Plus Wireless and Wired Heart Rate Programs

3g cardio elite display

The 3G Cardio Elite comes with 8 built in programs and allows for 2 custom programs with quick touch buttons. This means you can either run one of the programmed courses, or you can set up your own custom workout.

This treadmill also comes with a wireless heart rate monitor and a heart rate control zone on the display that will show your heart rate at all times, making it easy for you to keep your heart beating at a certain rate.

This machine also comes with a cool down program and several fitness testing programs.

A few other features worth mentioning are:

  • Quick touch controls for speed and incline.
  • Multi speed fan for cooling.
  • Built in speakers.
  • Ability to connect your tablet and get caught up on your tv shows or a movie.
  • Cup holders and storage areas.

Who is the 3G Cario Elite Runner Treadmill for?

This home treadmill is for anyone who wants to run at least 50% or more of the time on their machine. It is for all types of running, speed and interval running, long slow paced jobs, long fast paced jogs, and even extremely long marathon style runs.

This will be a perfect match for anyone who is overweight as well as very tall, due to the extra large running surface.

The 3G is also for those who want a commercial grade treadmill that has a very sturdy, stable, and well built feel.

It is for those who like to have a lot of space when they run, and don’t want to feel cramped by rails or the display area. This means you will have a ton of room for you full range running motion, arms and all.

And finally it is for runners that value comfort and a smooth ride throughout their entire workout.

Who is the 3G Cardio Elite Running Treadmill Not For?

This is not a treadmill for walkers, although if you want a commercial grade treadmill that is very comfortable, walkers will enjoy this treadmill just as much as runners.

What we are saying, is this machine is a lot more than what would be needed for someone who just wants to use it for walking.

This treadmill is also not for someone with limited space, or someone who wants a folding treadmill that they can store away after their workout. This is a heavy stationary treadmill that does not fold up, and is not easily moved once set up.

Finally, this running machine is not for someone on a tight budget. If you really want this treadmill, we advise that you save up and not spend money that you cannot afford on it. There are cheaper options available as well, and while they might not live up to the 3G, they will get the job done.

The Final Verdict

This is one of the best commercial grade running treadmills on the market that comes with a fair price tag when you consider how well built it is.

This treadmill is a dream come true for all runners, so if your budget allows, this machine is a must have for every avid runner.

This is the best built, smoothest riding, and most comfortable running treadmill in its class, and the warranties it comes with make it even that much more amazing.

Here are the warranties:

Motor – lifetime

Frame – lifetime

Parts – 10 years

Labor – 2 years (in home labor)

The lifetime warranties on the motor and frame shows you just how well this treadmill is built.

Here are the complete specs for the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

3g cardio elite runner specs

Here are a couple reviews by owners of the 3G Cardio Elite Runner home treadmill…

3g cardio reviews

Go to Amazon for Free Shipping on the 3G Cardio Elite Runner

Interested in more running treadmills?  Check out our buying guide for the best treadmills for running.

The Best at Home Treadmill for Walkers – Proform Pro 2000

proform pro 2000 treadmill

Proform treadmills are some of the best on the market, so it’s not surprising that topping this list is the Proform Pro 2000. For everything this treadmill packs, you cannot really ask for a better price tag.

Proform is one of the top manufacturers of treadmills, and they have once again shown why with this machine. The Pro 2000 is as well built and as sturdy as any expensive, top of the line treadmill out there.

Another great aspect of this treadmill is that it is very quiet whether you are walking or running, or had to step off for a minute to answer the phone.

Lets talk about some of the great features included in the Proform Pro 2000.

iFit Compatible with Goolge Map Routes Anywhere in the World

Being ifit compatible means that you can literally exercise on any route in the world. You simply just have to attach your tablet, download a google maps route anywhere in the world and press start. You will then be journeying along the specified route as if you were there in real life with the scenery and all.

The Pro 2000 will even automatically incline and decline to replicate the route you are on as you go.

You can also create your own routes, whether it be your favorite neighborhood route, or one you would like to make up.

This compatibility also allows you to track everything you need in regards to your workouts.

There is also an unlimited workout library put together by certified personal trainers that you can choose from, including workouts that come with speech motivation from these trainers. This gives you the feel of having your own personal trainer right there beside you throughout your routine.

3.5 CHP Motor

This treadmill comes with a commercial grade motor that has an amazing cooling system. This means much less hassle for you over the years. Keeping the motor cool through even the longest workouts is very important to the life of the motor.

The motor is powerful, but is much quieter than other models with a motor this size.

This treadmill can go from speeds of 0-12 mph.

7” Display

proform pro 2000 display

The display along with the quick access controls make for a great experience. On the display you will see things like time, speed, heart rate, calories burnt, mileage, and workout time.

Built in Music Port and Speakers for iPod

Want to listen to your favorite songs while on your walk? Just connect your iPod or other MP3 player to the treadmill and you will now have your music coming from the built in speakers.

ProShox Cushioning System

One of the most praised features is how smooth this machine feels while exercising on it. The proshox cushioning system eliminates and absorbs shock with every strike. This means a nice smooth and stable feeling under your feet every time they hit the deck.

SpaceSaver Fold Away Design

proform pro folded up

The Proform Pro 2000 can be folded up and stored away after use. It has an easy to use folding system that locks the deck in place, you then wheel it to the storage space. When you are ready to use the machine again simply unlock the deck and it will lower itself.

This treadmill is very easy to move, so storing it away should be a breeze for you.

One thing to note, the deck does not fold to a complete 90 degrees, it folds to about 70-75 degrees. It is good to take note of this when choosing a space to store your treadmill.

Here are some other key features to list:

  • -3% to 15% incline range and speeds from 0-12mph.
  • Quick speed controls at your finger tips.
  • Wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Built in fan.
  • Accessory tray and tablet holder for storage of devices.
  • 32 Built in workout apps that automatically change your speeds and inclines as you go.
  • 22” x 60” belt for a spacious exercise area.

Who Should Purchase the Proform Pro 2000 Home Treadmill

This treadmill is a great option for all walkers, and even those who want to run. If you will be running less than 50% of the time, then we feel this will be a good choice for you.

This machine is also a good choice for those who wish to keep their home treadmill stored away, as it is very easy to move around.

Given that the belt is 22” x 60”, there is plenty of space to exercise, meaning this is also a good treadmill for those people that are overweight, tall, or someone who just likes to have a lot of room to workout.

We believe this is also a good option for runners who cannot afford the 3G Cario Elite machine we talked about previously.

With its price tag, this is an excellent option for those who are on a tighter budget. This will allow you to get a solid machine at a cheaper price than some of the other models.

Who Should Not Purchase the Proform Pro 2000

This treadmill can accommodate a lot of needs, but if you are going to be running a high percentage of the time, we still recommend the 3G above if your budget allows.

The Verdict

This is just about the best of the best when it comes to a treadmill for walkers. Maybe it is a bit much for just walking, but with its price tag and quality build this is the treadmill we recommend for all walkers.

The issue with going much cheaper is that you can run into some really poor built treadmills that have the potential to cause a lot of grief over the years.

As with the other models we have discussed, the Proform Pro 2000 also comes with some very generous warranties, here they are.

Motor – lifetime

Frame – lifetime

Parts – 5 years

Labor – 2 years

A few reviews from people who own the Proform Pro 2000 home treadmill ….

proform pro 2000 reviews

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The Best Treadmill for Homes with Limited Space – Lifespan TR4000i

lifespan tr4000i treadmill

Our choice for those with limited space is the Lifespan TR4000I. It is more of a compact folding treadmill with a slimmer design that will allow you to easily fold up and store away even if space is limited.

The foot print of this treadmill when it is not folded is 74.5”L X 32”W X 56”H, and the dimensions of it while folded are 42”L X 32”W X 66.5”H.

This Lifespan treadmill is much lighter in weight than other models, weighing just 226lbs. This makes is super easy to move around.

EZ Fold Technology

lifespan tr4000i folded up

Folding, unfolding, and storing a treadmill has never been easier. This treadmill will automatically fold itself up and unfold itself via a hydraulic shock system, with no work on your part. All you have to do is wheel the lightweight machine to its storage space until your next workout.

One thing to note about this model is the folding aspect does not compromise the feel and sturdiness of the deck. Under your feet, this treadmill feels as solid as any with virtually no bounce.

Ability to Sync Your Results to Your Favorite App

Take your workout results with you and store them all in one place. Using the Active Trac App, you can now sync your entire workouts to your favorite app, whether it be Jawbones UP, Strava, myfitnesspal, or any other app you may like.

You will now have all of your workouts at your fingertips so that you can track your progress as you move forward with your workout routines.

8 Compression Shock Absorbers

These compression shock absorbers were strategically placed in order to prevent any knee, back, or joint pain, as well as provide great comfort.

While the deck might be a little slimmer than other models, you can feel the comfort with every strike that hits the deck on this machine, making it great for walkers and runners alike.

3.25 HP Continuous Duty Motor

The 3.25 continuous duty motor allows for speeds from 0-12mph and allows for 15 different incline levels.

According to Lifespan, this treadmill comes with the latest and greatest, highest quality, longest lasting motor that they make.

The motor is great for walkers and can handle long running sessions as well.

6” Display Screen

lifespan tr4000i display

The display screen on this treadmill is very straight forward, user friendly, and easy to use from the get go.

The display shows you your workout routine, speed, personal profile, incline level, calories, heart rate etc.

Workout Programs and Heart Monitoring Programs

This treadmill comes equipped with 17 preset workout programs, 2 customizable workout programs, and 2 heart rate programs. Also included is a chest strap for the heart rate programs.

Of the 17 preset programs, 7 are for sports training, 5 are healthy living, and 5 are for weight management.

Another great feature is the step counting feature, which acts just like a pedometer, counting every step you take throughout your entire workout.

Some other key features include:

  • 20” x 60” surface.
  • 3 speed fan for cooling.
  • 2 Cup holders.
  • A media holder for your phone, mp3 player, or tablet.
  • USB plus which allows you to charge your mobile devices as well as save your workout results to a USB drive so you can upload them to your free Lifespan Club account and track your progress.
  • Quick set speed and incline controls.
  • Intelli-Guard which shuts down the treadmills belt 20 after you step off the machine.
  • One quick note to point out. Some people have complained about static shock while using this machine.

Who Should Buy the Lifespan TR4000I?

This is the perfect treadmill for anyone (runner or walker) who has limited space for their home treadmill. If you want to store you treadmill away after every use this will be what you want to go with.

It is small and lightweight, which means it is super easy for you to roll to its storage space after every use.

We know a lot of people like to use their treadmill in their living room or back room and watch TV, this will also be a great option for those people.

Who Should Not Buy the Lifespan TR400i?

Someone who has a lot of space, we feel should go with something a little larger. Also, if you are going to be doing a ton of running, we believe you should with something like the Sole F85 or the 3G Cardio Elite.

The Verdict

Its super slim design, light weight, and ez fold technology make this the best choice for people with a small space.

The great thing about this treadmill, even though it is slim and light weight, it still feels very sturdy and well built while you are exercising on it. A lot of treadmills that are smaller and slimmer, have compromised decks, which feel bouncy and flimsy, that is not the case here.

Here is the warranty information for the Lifespan TR4000i

Frame – lifetime

Motor – lifetime

Parts – 5 years

Labor – 2 years

Here is a list of the full specs on the Lifespan TR4000i treadmill

lifespan tr4000i specs

Here are a few comments from owners of the Lifespan TR4000I home treadmill…

lifespan tr4000i reviews

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The Best Budget Treadmill for Home Use – Horizon Fitness T101-04

horizon fitness t101-04 treadmill

The best treadmill for home for those on a tight budget is the Horizon Fitness T101-04. This treadmill packs in a lot of decent features for its cheap price tag.

Here are some of the features that makes this treadmill a good choice for people on a tight budget.

FeatherLight Folding System

This treadmill comes with an easy to use folding system that uses hydraulic shocks to fold and unfold the deck before and after your workouts. This means you essentially have to do nothing to get this machine ready for storage and ready for your workout.

Simply watch the deck lift itself and store it away.

The footprint of this treadmill when in the down position is 70”x33.5”x55” and the dimensions while folded are 45.5”x33.5”x61”.

2.25 HP continuous duty motor

The motor on this treadmill is pretty powerful and can go up to 10mph. This machine also has the ability to incline up to 10%.

The motor on the Horizon T101 is fairly quiet, and is good for walking and jogging.

The motor is also very responsive to speed changes

Variable Response Cushioning

This cushioning system creates a softer area towards the front of the treadmill for where your feet strike the surface and a harder surface towards the back of the treadmill where you push off.

This means that you will experience pretty good shock absorption and comfort when landing, therefore putting less strain on your ankles, knees, back, and joints.

30 Different Program Options

horizon fitness t101-04 display

This treadmill comes with 30 different workouts programmed into it. These workouts include 10 step goal, 10 distance workouts, 6 calories workouts, and 3 interval.

Some other features to mention:

  • Built in personal cooling fan.
  • Surround sound speakers with MP3 input so you can hook up you MP3 player and enjoy your favorite tunes.
  • 20” x 50” workout surface.

Who is the Horizon T101-04 Treadmill For?

This is a great choice for people who have budget restraints and cannot currently afford one of the other models we have discussed. There are two options, you can either pick one of these treadmills up, or save a little longer until you can afford one of the other options.

This is also for someone with limited space.

Who is the Horizon T101-04 Not For?

This machine is not for someone who will be running more than 25% of the time on their treadmill. It is also not for someone who will be heavily using their treadmill.

Someone who prefers a more spacious area to workout will also want to go with a different treadmill.

Also, if you are a taller person, you might want to go with something that has a longer surface.

The Verdict

The Horizon T101-04 comes with a lot of features not usually found on treadmills with a price tag this low. It is also pretty well built and has a pretty sturdy deck for its price range.

If money is tight, then we recommend going with this home treadmill for the time being. Once your funds allow, you can then choose to go for a more expensive option.

While it definitely isn’t the best treadmill for home use, overall when you consider its price, this is a pretty good home treadmill, and will gladly hold you over until then.

Here is the warranty info for the Horizon T101-04

Motor – lifetime

Frame – lifetime

Parts – 2 years

Labor – 1 year

horizon reviews

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