10 Home Fitness Workouts to Shed Stomach Fat

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How long have you wanted to get rid of that extra flab on your belly?

How long have you wanted to show off your tight, flat stomach during those trips to the beach?

Well, read this and get to work!

Whether you exercise on a treadmill, follow workout dvd’s, lift weights at home, or just use your body weight to workout with, you do not need a gym membership to get rid of excess stomach fat.

Here are some home fitness workouts that may just solve all your problems! Plus bonus tips to follow to make your workout even more effective.


Ten Home Workouts to Reduce Belly Fat

1. Stomach Vacuum
All beginners must start with this simple breathing exercise. Stay on the ground with your knees and hands supporting your weight. Now take a deep breath and feel your abdomen muscles loosen.

Then exhale and this time make sure you have tight abdomen muscles. Repeat this 10 to 15 times for two to three times daily. Remember to hold your abdomen contraction for fifteen to thirty seconds.

2. Regular Crunches
Crunches are famous for its stomach fat shedding abilities! Anyone who desires to lose belly fat must be able to perform the different ways of doing crunches. All you have to do is lie down flat on you back on the carpet or an exercise mat. Next, lift your feet 90 degrees to the floor. Then lift your hands and keep them crossed on your chest.

As you breathe in, lift your upper torso and shoulders off the ground towards your pelvis. You should feel a slight pressure on your abdominal muscles when performing this action. Then slowly breathe out. Again breathe in as you go back down and breathe out as you come up.

Repeat this ten times for beginners. As your stomach muscles begin to strengthen, you can increase the number of reps you do.

3. Twist Crunches
The twist crunch is the slight modification to the basic crunch. Lie down on the ground. Next, lift your hands and place them behind your head. Bend your knees but keep your feet on the floor.

Unlike a regular crunch, here you have to lift your right shoulder towards the left side while keeping your left torso on the floor. Try to touch your right elbow to your left knee.

Repeat the same with your left elbow lifting towards right knee while keeping your right torso on the ground. Do this ten times, and as you get stronger increase your reps.

4. Side Crunch
For this crunch modification, you will start by following the steps of twist crunch. The only difference is that you have to lean your left leg to the same side together with your left shoulders and lean your right leg with your right shoulder. These crunches target the muscles of your sides. Repeat crunches ten to fifteen times.

5. Starfish Crunch
Lie down on your back. Make sure your legs are spread far apart and your arms are stretching above your head and forming a V so that your whole body looks like a starfish.

Now lift your right foot and left arm together. Aim for your hand to touch your foot or your shin. Do these series of actions again with your left foot and right arm together. Find your rhythm and repeat this for ten to fifteen times or for 30 seconds.

6. Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

You may have heard of planking and its benefits. This workout modifies our regular planking to help you tone those abdominal muscles. Start with a modified push up position, with your forearms holding your body weight instead of your hands. Keep your body straight from head to heel. In this position, lift one foot off the ground a few inches, hold. Then return to start then lift the other leg. Repeat this ten times.

You may also try adding a “Superman” modification where you lift your right arm together with your left leg and your left arm together with your right leg. Make sure to stretch both your arms and legs when you lift them from the ground.

7. Hip Lift
Lie down, resting your head and shoulders comfortably on the ground. Lift your legs up so that it is perpendicular to the ground. Try to keep your knees from bending. You may find this hard when you are just starting out, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Make sure to keep your hands on your side and flex your feet. This is your starting position.

You can now begin with the hip lift by exhaling and bringing your hips up for about 10 to 15 seconds then lower. Repeat this ten to fifteen times. Don’t forget: exhale, hip lift and lower.

8. Windmill
For this workout, you will simply start with the same starting position as hip lift but this time you have to stretch your arms out on each side. Gently drop your legs to the left side as if you are trying to touch the ground with your toes. Lift it back up similar to the starting position then gently drop your legs to the right side this time.

Go as near to the ground as you can. Repeat this action ten to fifteen times or for thirty seconds.

9. Single Leg Drops
This workout will be working on the lower abdominal muscles. Lie down on the ground. Spread your arms on your sides, similar to the Windmill and lift both of your legs perpendicular to the ground.

Now that you are in your starting position, drop your left leg down but do not let it touch the ground. Lift your leg back up and drop your right leg in the same manner and make sure you keep it off the ground. Lift it back up and perform this alternating with your left and right leg for about 25 – 30 seconds.

10. Mountain Climbers
Start in a push up position. Make sure to keep your body straight from head to heel. Now to start with your mountain climbing, bring your left knee to your chest and place it back on the ground. Next bring your right knee to your chest in the same manner and place it back down. Repeat these series of actions and find your rhythm.

Just imagine that you are actually climbing a very steep mountain. You should feel your abdominal muscles really being worked. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale as you bring your knees up and back. Repeat this for 30 to 45 seconds.

6 Dietary Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

You can exercise all you want but that will all be a waste if you don’t take good care of your body and don’t focus on your diet. Here are some important tips to remember to allow that flat belly become a reality.

1. Do not eat two to three hours before sleep.
Your body, along with your organs such as the digestive system, slows down when you sleep. Instead of burning the calories for energy, your body might just store it as fat if the food is not digested properly.

2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

balanced diet
One of the keys to a healthy diet is a lower sodium intake. Try to avoid soy sauce because when your body contains excess sodium, it will retain water and make you look and feel bloated. Increase the amount of protein you eat throughout the day. This will keep you from feel hungry all day long as well as prevent you from overeating at meal times.

3. Chew slowly and eat small portions.
Try to chew your food slowly and more thoroughly. This will speed up your digestive processes and make you feel less bloated. Eat only until you are full, then stop. You can save the rest of your food for a snack later on or for tomorrow. Do not push yourself to eat large portions! Try to eat on a smaller plate. It is psychologically proven that when you eat on a smaller plate, you feel full so much faster than eating on a regular sized one.

4. Say “less sugar”.
Consuming sugar means that you are taking in empty calories. These empty calories will raise your insulin levels, mess with your metabolism and you can say hello to your good friend, belly fat. Less sugar in your diet means less soda and processed foods. Focus on taking in whole, unsweetened, and unprocessed foods. Eating less sugar will also make you feel full longer which definitely helps you avoid those unnecessary snacks.

5. Drink a lot of water.
You may already know that this is a very vital aspect when you want to lose weight, especially in the belly area. Drinking a lot of water help rid of the toxins in your body and keep your bowels moving.

Aside from drinking water, you can also try eating food with high water content such as fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and beans. These require more chewing thus the body also absorb these slower and help you feel full.

6. Consume less carbonated drinks.
No matter how thirst-quenching a glass of soda feels like, it does not help you if you intend to lose those excess belly fats. The sugar content of these drinks will eventually add up to the fat in your system.

So, instead of choosing these carbonated drinks to satisfy your thirst, choose more healthy and natural drinks. Or better yet, as what was stated above, drink water instead.

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help Lose Stomach Fat

Aside from all these exercises and diet practices that you can apply in order to lose that excess belly fat, lifestyle changes can also be applied. Here are some of the lifestyle modifications you can work on so that you’ll achieve your goal of losing the excess belly fat!

1. Get enough sleep.
Late-night movie marathons and talks may cause momentary bliss, but it is not at all helpful when it comes to losing belly fat. Adults should ideally get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

Getting less sleep than what is needed will lead to an increased level of the hormone cortisol, or the stress hormone. This hormone will cause you to have an increased craving for sugar-rich foods. As stated above, sugar can ultimately lead to the formation of fat and these can be stored in your belly. So, make it a habit to follow a set time for sleep.

2. Move those muscles!
With the boom of technology, more and more people tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. Majority of the day is usually spent sitting down facing the TV watching your favorite series or on social media sites, checking out your recent celebrity crushes. These things can undeniably make you happy, but it definitely does not help those excess belly fats.

Make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes a day doing home fitness workouts, taking short walks around the neighborhood, or going to the gym.

3. “Eat to Live”, not “Live to Eat”
If you are always indulging in food, you are making it too easy for belly fat to stick around. Eat only the amount of food necessary for you to survive. Never overeat! Overeating, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle will surely lead to more belly fat.

4. Practice having a good posture.

good posture
Whether sitting down or standing up, it is empirical for you to maintain your posture in order to help you lose your weight. When standing up, make sure that your ears are aligned with your shoulders, your chin down and slightly tucked in, your shoulders leveled with a balanced center of gravity, your knees are straight and your lumbar or lower back area have no bends.

When you are sitting down, make sure that your pelvis, center of shoulders and ears are all in line. Having a good posture stimulates your muscle and increases the metabolism of your body. This in turn aids in your goal of losing those excess belly fats.

So, aside from looking confident with a good posture, you are also helping your body get back into shape.

5. Keep away from stress.
Stress produces the hormone cortisol, and as a way to reduce stress, this hormone will make you crave for sugar-rich food. Keep a safe distance from all the things that stress you out and it will surely help you have less of those ‘stress-eating’ episodes in your life.

Follow these fitness workouts, diet tips and lifestyle modifications and you will be paving your way to a slimmer and healthier you!

10 Home Fitness Workouts to Shed Stomach Fat
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10 Home Fitness Workouts to Shed Stomach Fat
You do not need to go to the gym everyday to lose stomach fat. Here is a list of some exercises you can do in your own home to reduce belly fat.
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